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Our Founder -

Pamela (Pam) Kaye; better know as PK is the founder and CEO of Pamela Kaye Films. Pam is a Producer, Director, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur rolled into one.   Pam made her directorial debut with the short film “Two for Paula”, a script that she co-wrote, produced and directed. The film stars Marla Gibbs (The Jefferson’s, 227). A born story teller, Pamela has written and optioned several screenplays and stage productions. 

A Theatre Major at New York University, Pamela is also a professionally trained Theatrical and Film actress. However, it didn’t take her long to realize that it was telling the story behind the camera that most intrigued her. After extensive study in UCLA’s Writers Program and investing $30,000.00 of her own savings along with investments from family and friends she began the production and collaboration on “Two for Paula”. 

Pamela Kaye is a successful business woman and has produced many projects in the entertainment and corporate sector.